What is a toxic relationship


If you were ever wondering what a toxic relationship is, maybe because you feel like you may be in one or maybe because you want to avoid one, in any case, you’ve come to the right place.

It is important to know who & what you are dealing with and what to watch out for in any type of relationship.

This includes a relationship not just in a romantic one but also in friendships and family dynamics.

Yes, your friends and family can be toxic as well.

However, I am going to be focusing on sharing what a toxic relationship is in general.

First, let’s find out what the opposite of a toxic relationship is..


The opposite of a toxic relationship is a healthy relationship. That’s obvious right?! If it’s not toxic then it must be healthy…

A healthy relationship is when there’s trust, communication, support and respect.

You don’t have to worry about where they are or what they are doing when they are away. You don’t think twice because you’re secure with yourself.

You don’t have to snoop around through their personal things because for one, it’s childish and you trust them.

You can easily share and communicate your problems without being afraid to do so. You never feel like you’re walking on eggshells.

You support each other’s decision making for whatever it is that you want to accomplish or achieve in the relationship or in life.

You know NOT to cross boundaries because you have the utmost respect for each other.

You have a genuine, understanding and deep connection between each other.

You love each other unconditionally – that means, you don’t try to change them. You accept them for who they are completely.


A toxic relationship is when it is not healthy. You don’t get that support that you deserve, the communication becomes bad with insults, criticism and judgement. Sometimes there’s a lack of communication when one or both partners avoid each other.

There’s no trust, meaning you may find your partner snooping through your belongings, checking your phone, calling you every chance they get when you’re away, and just being a spy. Who wants to go through that?

They may even keep you from your friends and family.

Always being accused of cheating when you’re out on your own or when you attempt to go out with friends.

I remember being accused of cheating everytime I would go out with my friends, even when I would visit my family. This person was so insecure and very jealous. At first I thought he was just being overprotective but as time went on, I realized that he was trying to control me.

If this is something that your partner is doing to you, it is not about them being overprotective. Rather it’s about them wanting to control your every move.

There are a lot of red flags of being in a toxic relationship that we tend to miss and ignore and both partners can exhibit some signs as well.

With this being said, the first thing is to become aware of what’s going on in the relationship and not ignore it. The more you notice these signs but continue to put up with it, the worse off the relationship would be.

This is a summary of what a toxic relationship is. When you feel that something is not right, communication is the first step. If communication doesn’t get anywhere, make a decision to do what’s best for you and your well-being. And if that means leave, don’t be afraid to do so.

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