Toxic Relationship Sign


Are you wondering what are some signs of a toxic relationship?

Maybe you have been in a relationship with someone for a while now and you’ve noticed some behaviors that raise questions.


You are currently single and have had some bad experiences in your previous relationships and want to avoid repeating the same cycle.

Whichever one resonates with your situation; I will share some signs of a toxic relationship so it can give you insight and clarity so that you can become aware of them.

Here are some signs of a toxic relationship that I have personally experienced throughout my relationships.

Controlling Behavior

Does your partner come off as aggressive or threatening? If so, this can be a sign of a control freak but not just that, they can also be emotionally manipulative.

Let’s break this down…

● If your partner often becomes aggressive especially if they don’t get their way, this is a for sure sign. There’s no reason why anyone should act out aggressively because things don’t go the way they want and then get frustrated.

● If your partner has threatened you or makes threatening remarks, run for the hills! I’ve been in a situation in a past relationship where my ex threatened my life because of something he didn’t agree with. Any type of threat should not be tolerated at all. Including, keeping you away from your family and friends.

● Do you feel like you’re often being belittled or embarrassed by your partner? This is a sign of emotional manipulation. An emotionally manipulative partner doesn’t communicate and express themselves when they are feeling angry. What they do is, they’ll indirectly create ways to undermine you. No one deserves to be treated in this matter and if you are going through this, this can cause a long-lasting effect on you.

If your partner acts out in any of these ways, they are very controlling and the best thing to do is
to get out of it before it becomes worse.


Please pay attention when they call you out of your name even if they say that they’re joking. I had one person that I’ve previously dated that started criticizing me and calling me names but would always say that he wasn’t serious, and I was being too sensitive. It’s one thing to play around once but another thing to continue on with this type of behavior.

Here are some examples…

● Every time they get angry, or you guys have a disagreement, they speak out of anger and say things to you like, “idiot”, “stupid”, “dumb”. If this is something that you’re experiencing, take it seriously and don’t buy into it. Don’t believe that you are what they call you out to be.

● Have you ever been insulted or criticized by your partner? When your partner disrespects you by swearing at you, criticizing or saying things to make you feel embarrassed, it is a form of verbal abuse. All insults are a form of verbal abuse. The first thing you’ll need to do is communicate your feelings and seek help if it’s a relationship that you want to save. If you’ve done that already and the insults continue, remove yourself from the relationship. If you don’t, it’ll further damage the relationship and can destroy your mental health.

Walking on EGGSHELLS

When I thought I was with my soulmate, I couldn’t understand why I would feel like I’m the only one trying to hold the relationship together. I thought it was normal to feel this way until I started to take a step back to give my partner a chance to prove his loyalty to the relationship. I realized that I was taken for granted!

I’m going to share signs of some experiences that I’ve been through that can give you confirmation if you’re going through the same thing.

● Holding back from speaking your mind. So, what this means is if you feel like your partner will get upset or angry every time you attempt to express your feelings. This will only make them feel better but will not save the relationship. You’ll only be hurting yourself and self-esteem.

● If your partner tries to manipulate you into buying or doing something that you don’t agree to, but you allow it, you’re only giving them what they want. This won’t help the relationship because you’re allowing them to manipulate and control the relationship just because you want to save it! Speaking from experience, they don’t care much about your feelings so realize that you’re doing it for them and disregarding your own feelings.

● Are you feeling depressed or unhappy in your relationship? There’s no reason to hold on to it if it’s not adding joy to your life. The only reasons why you could be holding onto this toxic relationship is out of fear of being alone or fear of abandonment. This is something that you’ll need to seriously evaluate within yourself.

These are some of the signs of a toxic relationship to name a few.

My advice is to weigh the pros and cons and if the cons outweigh the pros, then you know that
this is not the right relationship for you.

Every relationship is a learning lesson so in order to not find yourself attracting the same
unhealthy relationship experiences, become more aware and learn from your past mistakes.

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