Couples Coaching

Revive Your Love

Revive your love is the key to building a healthy relationship involving honesty, trust, respect and open communication between partners. Couples should respect each other’s independence, be comfortable enough to communicate thoughts and feelings with one another and most importantly, sustain a relationship that’s based on friendship first. No relationships are perfect so I have created this program for couples that truly love each other but have may have some issues that place a negative effect on the relationship. 

Help My Relationship Thrive

Are you struggling with communication in your relationship? Has there been any dishonesty that is difficult for you to look past but you’re having a challenging time forgiving and letting go? If this is your relationship, the struggles that you are facing, I can help with strengthening and reviving as long as there are no abuse involved. The first step is to take the love compatibility assesment so that I can assess both astrology charts to discover what can be fixed to help the relationship further. This assessment will show the breakdown of your individual challenges in this lifetime and the challenging aspect collectively (if any). It will give me accurrate information to best help to determine what route the relationship needs to go in order for it to thrive. You must put you and your partners full BIRTH name (including middle if any) and date of birth for accuracy. Please note that, if you were or are married, please DO NOT put your married name. It must be the name given at birth.

Revive My Relationship

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After the submission of your assessment, please allow 24-48 hours (usually 24) to receive your assessment. You will be sent a copy of the assessment, so please add a good email address when filling out the form. The next step is to schedule a free 45 minute consultation to go over the results and to learn more about you and your partner’s situation. 


Love Compatibility Assessment

 Discover how to build a healthy and sincere bond. 

This report takes you one step further in an accurate compatibility assessment by analyzing each person’s Natal Chart and with my advice at the end of the report. Turnaround time is 24 hours. Please enter the full birthname including middle name if you have one, for an accurate assessment. A PDF Report will be delivered via email.


Price: $15.00


“To my delight I found our results in my inbox! My boyfriend messaged me a little earlier that he is thoroughly impressed with the detailed report and so am I.”
KaylaLos Angeles, CA
“After learning more about ourselves and each other, I can truly say that I am happy I decided to take this love compatibility test.”
PaulPortland, USA
“Amazing test! Love the results, too. I’ve had compatibility test before on other apps and websites but this seems to be the best so far. Thanks Rochell!”
ZahidaToronto, Canada