Toxic Relationship



I know you’re probably thinking, worrying and stressing yourself over how you got in this bad
situation in the first place. Now you’re asking yourself how you can get out of it and how to end
a toxic relationship… Right?!

Let me just first say, any person that’s toxic, always shows signs and traits of it!

The red flags were there in the beginning but unfortunately, we tend to ignore them.

Why do we ignore them? We’ll because for one..

 ● We think nothing of it when they first show those signs.

● We think that they are going to change and then we get stuck in wishful thinking.

● We think and hope that we can change them.

● We believe that those signs are too minor to categorize as a red flag.

● We don’t trust ourselves, our gut, our intuition.

● We move too fast in the relationship and it so happens that we miss those signs.

When you end a Toxic relationship, it becomes vital for your emotional health, otherwise it will
suck the energy out of you.

When I was involved in a toxic relationship, I noticed those red flags right from the start. One of the biggest traits of relationship is that it is difficult to end a toxic relationship. But I ignored them because I was so focused on what he was doing for me at the time that gave me comfort.

Boy, have I learned my lesson!

As time went on, I started to notice more signs and it had gotten to the point where it made it even harder to let go. Reason being is because I had gotten used to him and believed that everything would be ok since we did have some fun and hoped and prayed that he would change.

I was so wrong!

He showed signs of..

● Narcissism

● Manipulation

● Controlling Behavior

● Jealousy Behavior

● User

● Financial instability

The list could go on more than this but I know you can relate so far.

I didn’t really know what this all meant to be honest. I just knew that I deserved better and felt very drained, unfulfilled and unhappy.

Right when I knew that this was the lifestyle that I DID NOT want, I started to create a plan for myself.

I know you’re wondering, what does this mean?!

This means that I began to shift the focus on myself including working towards making more money to save up and have enough to move on with my life.

Note: Whatever the situation you’re in that is keeping you stuck in an unhealthy and toxic relationship, you must have a plan to leave.

I had no family or friend support so I could not reach out to anyone but I did find the things that I enjoyed and engaged in them.

This kept me motivated!

Meditation is what I learned to practice as well as this kept me focused, calm and at peace.

I had picked up a gig to add extra income so I would have enough to move. I had a plan, a goal and a vision that I stuck with.

I had a plan, a goal and a vision that I stuck with.

As long as you’re serious about leaving and you know 100% sure that there is no turning back, stick with your plan and you’ll be out of that situation in no time.

I have written a book about how to get out of a toxic relationship.

Check it out! It’ll help you out a lot!

I have also written a book on how I grew up around toxic people and how I got through it. If you
are struggling in dealing with toxic family or friends, check out this book.

It took me about 6 months to leave that toxic relationship and I felt so relieved after.

As you set your intentions and start focusing on your needs and wants, you will start building confidence and courage within yourself.

By doing this, it will help you much through this whole process.

Everyone’s situation is different and if you’re finding it difficult to leave, seek some coaching from an expert that has been where you are.

I offer a 1 on 1 coaching program and online coaching service that I highly suggest that you should check out!

Rochell Smith
Relationship Coach

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