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Your True Living is for men & women in Toxic relationship who desperately seeks out but find themselves stuck and afraid to escape. The service that is offered is a 1:1 coaching program that I have created called “A Place of Hope, Peace & Empowerment”. The goal of this program is to help men & women to escape toxic relationship and fall in love with themselves again. This is a 6 week program offering each week of extensive exercises given for self-reflection, self-development, self-awareness and healing. Also included in this program are self-love/self-care work which involves meditation, journaling, practicing gratitude, and activities for rediscovering interests.

Back in 2019, initially, I came up with the name “Your True Living” because I have a passion to help people and I believe that humanity deserves to live the life that they desire. I then became a certified Life Coach and since then, I narrowed my niche and decided to help people in their relationships. Since my teenage years,  I’ve always found myself involved in attempting to fix peoples problems because I enjoy seeing people happy and thriving specifically in their relationships. This is also involving the relationship with yourself, because I believe that if you don’t have a good relationship with yourself, you will have a lot of difficult times in relationships with others.

Relationship Coaching, Healing & Mentor

Hi, my name is Rochell Smith, Relationship Coach, Healer & Mentor. I specialize in helping men & women to escape toxic relationships. I was involved in more than one abusive relationship and have managed to get out, which is why I am here to help you to do the same.. My goal is to not only help you to escape but also to help prevent you from repeating the same toxic cycle. As I mentioned, I was involved in more than one and have learned my lesson from the last toxic relationship. Experiencing this has allowed my help others and I am beyond grateful to be able to change people's lives.

I realize and deeply believe that when you are constantly attracting toxic people, it is because you are attracting what you are. So what I mean by this is that you have to work on yourself to better yourself in order to attract the right type of people. Once I realized that I had enough of the abuse and knew that I deserved better, I started to attract the right people to me because I worked on me. It all starts from going within, which is why I’ve created an amazing program to help and guide you into doing just that. You’ll begin to discover so many amazing things about yourself that is already within you. You will begin to realize that you can create and choose your own happiness and will know that you have the choice not to live with abuse. You will also learn that you have control over your life and the power to do whatever you desire. 

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escape abusive relationships

Programs & Services


  • One-on-One Coaching Sessions
  • A Place of Hope & Empowerment
  • Love Compatibility Assessment 

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