Some may get this confused, but there is a big difference between a soulmate relationship and a karmic relationship, although they may seem very similar. I’ll be sharing the differences between the two to help better understand the signs to look out for and what to expect.

First, let me define what a soulmate and a karmic relationship is…


A soulmate relationship is someone that you feel a deep connection with… a bond that you share that’s unbreakable but not always romantic.


A Karmic relationship is someone that you also share a deep connection with, but it may come with some turbulence, meaning that you may experience a lot of toxicity in the relationship.

Let’s dive deeper into what a Soulmate relationship and a Karmic relationship is, and also the signs to look out for.


A soulmate relationship is someone that you share similar values and common goals with, which helps the relationship to build a good foundation for the future that both partners agree upon.

Many soulmates experience telepathy which is a way of communicating without words. With a soulmate, you may likely know what the other person is thinking before they even say anything. You can often feel and read each other’s mind, experience the same dreams and is always right with what you’ve experienced with your soulmate partner.

Having a best friend that you’ve been friends with forever, is likely a sign of a soulmate relationship as well. Remember, all soulmates are not always romantic.

Soulmates often help you grow and will support you. You may go through some ups and downs, challenges and maybe even some tough times with a soulmate. However, you stick through it together and they will be there for you and with you through it all.

When you meet your soulmate, you just know that they are your soulmate. You feel it in your gut!

There’s a lot of misconceptions when mentions soulmates. We often think that soulmates supposed to be this fairy tale, romantic type of relationship but that is false!

With a soulmate, you are naturally compatible with each other and are on similar paths in life. Meeting your true soulmate is also part of what is called a “soul group”.

Now a soulmate relationship isn’t going to be like a karmic relationship but it’s not perfect either.

These are just some of the signs and experiences of a soulmate relationship.


A karmic relationship is not always bad, but you will learn lessons with a karmic partner.

Here are some of the signs and what you may experience in a karmic relationship.

Watch out for the Red Flags! You meet someone, and, in the beginning of the relationship, it may feel like a soulmate connection. You will feel a deep connection to that person, but you notice things about them that is questionable, and yet you ignore those signs. You ignore it because of the connection you feel with them, so you continue to ignore the red flags.

The next thing you experience is a lot of intensity with this person. What I mean by experiencing a lot of intensity is that you will be faced with a lot of drama in the relationship, such as, cheating, lying and dealing with toxic behavior.

And because of that connection, and the bond that you feel like you share, you push things to the side. No matter how many times you may have attempted to leave them, you keep going back and forth to them and just cannot seem to let them go.

What you will likely develop is attachment issues, which you will become codependent on that person and although you may resent them, you also can’t live without them either. So, because of all of what you’re experiencing in the relationship that develops a lot of hurt and pain, is because you are in a karmic relationship.

The reason why we experience karmic partnerships, is because we are faced with challenges and lessons that we have to go through. Now this is not to say that this is not related to trauma bonding because if it is, it is still a karmic relationship. (Trauma bonding will be discussed in a different article).

There’s a lot of oppositions in a karmic relationship. You will experience disagreements and resentment in your relationship.

Now with a soulmate, there will be challenges that you will go through but at least in situations, you’ll come to a resolution to agree to disagree. You’re not going to keep going back and forth and it’s not going to be a feeling of being unhappy or unfulfilled. Whereas, in a karmic relationship you become attached, and it’s filled with a lot of drama and toxicity. This is not a soulmate relationship rather a karmic relationship.

Karmic relationships and partnerships also come into your life to help you on your path.

Now, I am going to share how karmic relationships are not always bad and how it can be a great help to our lives, having a huge impact on the many challenges that we may face with ourselves.

Someone may be put in your life just to help you to get over an obstacle. For example, say if you’re having behavior issues at school, a school counselor can help you with your behavior issues and then that’s it for them.

Other karmic partners that you may come into contact with are those that his here to teach, mentor, and guide you. These karmic relationships are in your life on a temporary basis to get you through those tough times and then you may not ever see them again.

On the other hand, if you are in a toxic relationship and you don’t know how to break away from that relationship, you definitely want to seek professional help, otherwise, you’re going to feel stuck, unfulfilled, unhappy and not be able to live a fulfilling life. And obviously this is not the same as someone helping you on your path.

However, if you continue to ignore the red flags, then you will repeat the same cycle over and over again until you have learned from your lessons.


These are the differences and signs of a soulmate and karmic relationship. Please understand that it’s about how you go about things is going to be how you make a relationship. So, if you are in an unhealthy relationship and are struggling to leave, find a support system that can help you.

I hope that this gave you some insight and clarity and if you want more information on coaching services, please book a free breakthrough call below. You may also check out my YouTube video on Soulmate and Karmic Relationships.

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