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Who Is Rochell Smith?

Rochell Smith is a Relationship Coach, Healer, Author and Mentor. Rochell specializes in toxic relationships helping women & men to end the cycle of attracting the wrong relationships to becoming a love magnet only attracting healthy relationships.  

For so long, Rochell have experienced being stuck in unfulfilled relationships, so she knows exactly how you feel and what you are going through. The fact that she has children, made it even more of a struggle in her past dating life.  Rochell knew that she deserved better but at the time, she kept repeating the same mistake attracting the same narcissistic men. Once she realized the similar patterns and behaviors of the men that she was attracting, Rochell took a break from dating and reflected on herself. Rochell discovered why she was attracting guys that wasn’t for her and came to find out that she had to heal past trauma that was deeply suppressed within.  

After doing some deep inner healing work, Rochell felt much better. As a result, Rochell is able to shift subconscious beliefs and release blocks using a neutrality shifting method. 

Take Charge Of Your Life!

The key to letting go of a toxic relationship is working on the relationship with yourself. 

Do you want to learn how to overcome your frustrations, fears, and depression in your dating life? If so, look no further.. I offer a 6 session 1-1 Intensive Coaching Program to help you put an end to attracting toxic relationships & begin to attract healthy relationships. 

Are you struggling with any or all of these emotions?

If this is you, trust me I get it! I was there and it felt like it was a never ending story.

Start feeling amazing TODAY! Check out my program (Life After Breakup Recourse Session) details below. Click on the link below to get started. Leave the pain behind and GET ON PATH to a beautiful, fulfilling relationship that you deserve.

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