Hopeless Romantic to love magnet

Connecting to the best version of you.

The Awakened Self
Rochell Smith

6 Session Intensive 1-1 Coaching

Struggling with finding the right one and frustrated with attracting the wrong one?

If so, continue to read… 

I will help you to go from being a hopeless romantic attracting narcissistic relationships to being a love magnet with my step-by-step strategy.

Do you feel hopeless, alone, and unworthy?

Do you feel like there are NO good men or women left?

Do you feel like you need to lower your standards in order to attract the right person?

I get it. I was once there and felt emotionally, physically, and mentally abused. For the majority of my past relationships, I was involved in toxic relationships with men that were complete narcissists

I felt trapped. Emotionally drained and alone. I felt as if I couldn’t share how I was feeling and what was happening in those relationships. Most times I felt as if I was walking on eggshells.

When I changed my story and beliefs, my whole world changed. 

imagine You Could...

Understand your self-worth, build confidence, raise your self-esteem and standards.

The best person to get the results from this process is open to:

  • Energy Healing
  • Ready To Take Action
  • Ready To Give Up Old Habits
  • Ready For A New Identity
  • Ready To Attract Love 

Client Testimonials!

January 9, 2021

Absolutely amazing. Rochell has an amazing gift. She breaks every single one of my thoughts and helps me to think differently in a optimistic way. Thank you

December 15, 2020

I’m absolutely grateful for this opportunity, comes to me at the perfect time considering what I am currently going through . I blessed to have found a person who is willing to put in the time and effort to help get through this hard moment in my life. May God bless us both and allow us to achieve our goals. Thank you Rochell, you make me feel motivated, courageous and supported.

inside Find Freedom Again:

Desires, dreams, vision: What are your deepest desires and vision?

Week 2

Limiting beliefs: What stories are you telling yourself?
Fears: What are you afraid of?

Week 3

Recreate your story
Self-love/self-care: Focus on yourself

Los Angeles, CA
November 20, 2020

I am so thankful for Rochell. She helped me so much, not only my relationship but with myself as well. She has been guiding me to going within and becoming the best version of myself. She always helps me realize that I am worth way more than I allowed in my past relationship.She helps me elevate and pushes me to do my best. Rochell is so genuine and she will make sure that u will have a different outcome after working with her I promise!!!!!THANK YOU SO MUCH Rochell. You are a beautiful soul and will inspire and help so many people in life. I recommend anyone with any relationships problems to contact Rochell to help you along your journey. 

July 10, 2020

I just had to reach out and thank you. An hour on the phone with you saved me years of conventional therapy. Rochell truly made an impact in my life. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking growth. You will thrive with her not struggle! She is also very knowledgeable. Love working with her!

July 11, 2020

Rochell is humbled and positive and she encourages me to be like that in my relationship. Who would have thought, with some guidance from Rochell, there would be such an impact.

The investment for this is ONLY $599.00 for a limited time or make two payments of $299.50 and balance of $299.50 due in 7 days. This is very small compared to…

  • Therapy Work That Doesn’t Work
  • Journaling & Meditation
  • Talking To Family & Friends
  • Personal Development
  • Watching Several Videos Everyday
  • Using Affirmations
  • Have Hired A Dating & Mindset Coach
  • Pray Everyday
Many women have complained having tried these different services and methods without seeing many changes in their love life, and the emotional, financial & physical effect your failed relationships have been costing you.

However, although some of these techniques and methods can work, without finding the root cause of the cycle FIRST and shifting those old deep-rooted beliefs, it’s not likely that these will work ALONE in the long run!!



The decision is now.